Peach, Plum,Paw-Paw and Haskaps and Kiwi advice

18 days ago

I am new to growing fruit and am wondering if there is any advice. I live in Taber, Alberta which is zone 4 A/B.
We moved into this house and it had 3 established Bailey Hardy peach trees about 10-12’ tall. We than got 2 test winters in a row and killed them to the ground.(or I don’t know what I’m doing with peach trees) They do grow back really quick. Does anyone know if Contender peach trees would be more Hardy? Thinking of adding one to the group.

I planted a Mount Royal last summer, and am planning on planting a Greengage this spring when it shows up from wiffletree. Will these trees be cold hardy enough? I am fine not getting crops some years just wondering if these trees will survive the winter. Is there anything I should do to help these plum trees?
Has anyone tried planting Paw-paws in Alberta? They are seedling ones, not grafted so I’m hoping that helps make them a little more cold Hardy.
I am also planting a couple Haskaps and Kolomikta kiwis, they sound like they should be Hardy enough. But any advice on these would be appreciated.


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