Critique master bathroom renovation plans please

Bridget Helm
11 days ago
last modified: 11 days ago

It’s a master bath renovation. each graphing square is 6 inches. the Sinks aren’t drawn to scale. They‘ll be smaller. (everything else is drawn to scale.)

the entrance exists as do the entrance double doors. They will remain as they are

i Tried to keep the existing toilet and the window above it in their original spot, so that’s why they are off center in the “water closet”. I’m ok with them being off centered since they’re enclosed. i don‘t want the plumber to have to move the toilet, and id rather not fool with moving the window either.

The space for the little cubby and cabinet near the water Closet already exists (it was a 35” vanity built into the wall, so i turned into cubby and cabinet.)

The entire bathroom will have subway tiles from the floor up the wall to 36” high (37 including the pencil liner tile)

I don’t like walls that aren’t finished—hence the cased opening. But I feel like the shower with those little walls on the side will look weird. I can’t picture it for some reason. Will that look weird?

i feel like the shower plumbing should be on the exterior wall due to the shape of the shower, but if on exterior wall it would spray towards the shower door. (we can have exterior plumbing in South Louisiana)

I know many people think “water closets“ are stupid. But my husband insists on it. We have 5 kids, so it actually will come in handy. Our teen daughter likes to use our bathroom because our 3 s

on’s are not tidy in the kids’ bathroom. it’s just something that will be useful with such a large family Where privacy as well as a toilet seat that the younger boys haven’t left wet are hard to come by ;)

i know 56” deep is tight for the water closet, but I’m fine with it. I’m more concerned about not enough open floor space between the water closet and the vanity. i am going back and forth on whether or not to push the wall the vanity is on a little further into the hall so that there’s more floorspace. Dilemma: We have a fish tank on a marble top antique piece of furniture in that little Hall nook. The piece is 22” deep. I can get rid of our tank though if i really need to push into the hall. I’m kind of tired of the tank upkeep anyway. I’ll just need to find someone to adopt the fish.

so those are all the things i am tossing around. What say you?

below are bathrooms i designed for a client. (mainly the finishes). these are the types of showers i like (built in with their own ceilings). So that’s what mine will be like. I’m having a hard time picturing the little wall with the cased opening though. Will that look weird?

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