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In times of crisis we all do our parts to help and inspire others to do the same. When we're stressed out, flowers come to the rescue and heal our hearts and souls. Be safe.

Teasing Georgia (AUSbaker), a David Austin climber rose. Bred in the UK in 1987. This rose is just amazing in my garden. The apricot multi-petal 3.25" blooms are gorgeous with moderate fragrance and it's very healthy and blooms non stop in my garden. It is a must have rose for any garden. The pics were taken in July 2019. Helen

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  • bayarea_girl_z9ca

    Bathsheba (AUSchimbley), a David Austin climber rose. Bred in UK before 2016 and released in UK 2016. It is a very healthy rose in my garden and repeats all the time. I love this rose with its apricot color, strong, honey, myrrh fragrance and has very double bloom form. Helen

  • bayarea_girl_z9ca

    Roald Dahl (AUSowlish), a David Austin rose, bred by David Austin (before 2016) and released in 2016 (UK). The 3.25-inch reach blooms have moderate raspberry fragrance. This is an easy going rose and blooms all the time in my garden. Helen

  • bayarea_girl_z9ca

    The Wedgwood Rose (AUSjosiah/The Wedgewood Rose), a climbing rose, bred by David Austin and released in 2009. Moderate, clove, fruity fragrance. Blooms: average diameter 3.5", medium to large, very full (41+ petals). This rose is very healthy in my garden and blooms all the time. Love it.

    Marriotta, a miniature rose, bred by Samuel Darragh McGredy IV (1981). The petals of this rose are so unique that you almost think that it's not a rose. The 1.5-inch blooms have deep pink color with mild fragrance. It's very healthy in my garden and blooms all the time. Helen

  • K S 8b Seattle

    Thanks Helen! Beautiful pictures -- they definitely cheer me up today. What crazy times we live in.

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  • Diane Brakefield

    Helen, all your photos are just gorgeous and inspiring. I particularly love Bathsheba, and was disappointed my local favorite nursery wasn't carrying it. I really wanted that one. Those big lush blooms of your rose, plus the fabulous color have won me over. I love the delicacy of the Wedgwood Rose--it looks like fluffy pale pink lace (a slightly nutty description, I guess, but that is what the blooms say to me). Your final photos of that bunch of Teasing Georgia blooms are scrumptious. I love those roses so piled on together. Diane

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  • Agnes

    Oh Helen, your roses are so beautiful and gives us the itch to get into our gardens as well as get more roses lol. You have a wondrous talent for growing them as well as photographing them. Thank you for the uplifting moment!

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  • chris209 (LI, NY Z7a)

    Lovely! Thanks for sharing. I have Teasing Georgia but it's always more on the yellow side and the foliage can get ratty for me. I have Bathsheba coming this spring and very excited.

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  • bayarea_girl_z9ca

    Thanks everyone.

    KS, I agree. It's a crazy time, but it also inspires people to do great things. Grocery stores in the Bay Area start setting up seniors shopping hours to help senior avoiding the crowds and the risk of getting infected by Coronavirus. Tony & Alba’s pizza place in San Jose offers free pizza and free delivery to quarantined seniors over 70 years old . People support the restaurant's move with donations, and now the restaurant can include a salad with every meal. Love the quote from Mother Teresa: “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

    Diane B, Bathsheba is a great rose. I think David Austin starts breading roses not only with graceful looks but also with great health. The new roses that in my perfect rose category are Bathsheba and Olivia Rose Austin.

    Agnes, I'm glad you like the pics. When I'm stressed out at work, rose pics always cheer me up, so I want to share them with everyone.

    Chris, that's wonderful. I can't wait to see Bathsheba's pics from your garden. Helen

  • bayarea_girl_z9ca

    Pompon Veranda (KO 99/1720-02/KORfloci05/Pashmina/Pompon Flower Circus), a floribunda rose, bred by Kordes (Germany, 1999) and introduced in 2010 (Germany). This rose is beautiful and very healthy in my garden. The blooms last forever on a bush. Love this rose. The pics were taken in August 2019. Helen

  • Rosylady (PNW zone 8)

    Seeing your beautiful roses definitely cheered me up! Thank you!

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  • berrypie7

    Ooooo so pretty, a breath of Spring.

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  • bayarea_girl_z9ca

    Grand Old Opry (Welopry), a miniflora rose, bred by Verlie W., Jr. Wells (2009) and introduced in US (2009). The 2.5-inch blooms have yellow base with red and yellow stripes with moderate fragrance. It's very healthy and repeats well in my garden. The pics were taken in August 2019. Helen

  • ratdogheads z5b NH

    Loved them all but I must say what Beautiful pictures of Marriotta! I think voles got mine, that was years ago and I had trouble replacing it. You've inspired me to go look again.

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  • bayarea_girl_z9ca

    Ratdog, thank you. I agree that Marriotta is perfect in every way. I think it will look amazing in your garden again. It's in my perfect rose category. Helen

  • loisthegardener_nc7b

    Beautiful... thank you for sharing!

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  • bayarea_girl_z9ca

    Pandemonium (MACpandem/Claire Rayner/Pan), miniature rose, bred by by Samuel Darragh McGredy IV (1982), introduced in New Zealand by McGredy Roses International (1988). The beautiful blooms have yellow and orange-red stripes with mild, musk fragrance. I like it a lot. Helen

  • bayarea_girl_z9ca

    Earth Angel rose (KORgeowim), bred by Tim Hermann Kordes (Germany, 2003), introduced in the US in 2015. Light pink, cream outer petals. Strong, apple, lemon, rose, sweet fragrance. 85 to 95 petals. Average diameter 3". Gorgeous old-fashioned bloom form. It's 1st year grafted and very healthy in my garden. Even though it doesn't repeat as much as other roses, its unique beautiful look earns its spot in my garden. Helen

  • bayarea_girl_z9ca

    Purple Tiger (JACpurr/Dark Dragon/Impressionist), a floribunda rose, bred by Jack E. Christensen (US, 1991) and released in the US. The purple, mauve streaks, white flecks blooms have strong fragrance and about 40 petals. This rose is susceptible to blackspot, but because blackspot isn't common my area, this rose is doing well in my garden. The pics were taken in August 2019. Helen

  • Alisa

    This post definitely cheered me up!

    Helen, I LOVE your Pandemonium. Reminds me of ice cream sorbet. Yum!

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  • bayarea_girl_z9ca

    Alisa, I'm glad the pics cheer you up. We need a lot of cheering ups in these uncertain times :) Helen

  • eloise_ca

    Love all especially Pompom Veranda !

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  • bayarea_girl_z9ca

    More Pompon Veranda's pics. Helen

  • eloise_ca


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