Freeze Warning: Northeast, East-Central Southeastern OK & NW AR

Okiedawn OK Zone 7
13 days ago
last modified: 13 days ago

The NWS has issued a Freeze Warning for some counties in Northeastern, East-Central, & Southeastern OK and for some Northwestern Arkansas Counties for Friday evening into Saturday morning, March 20 & 21st, 2020.

Are y'all ready? Do you have anything you need to cover up?

Remember that your plants' need for protection often relates directly to how much prior cold hardening they have, or haven't, had in recent weeks. Always err on the side of safety. Plants that have had a lot of warmth lately may have lost any prior conditioning to cold weather that they previously had developed.

Here's the text of the Freeze Warning issued by NWS-Tulsa:

Freeze Warning from NWS/Tulsa

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  • Okiedawn OK Zone 7

    This map shows the minimum temperatures since midnight as recorded at various OK Mesonet stations:

    Today's Minimum Air Temperatures Since Midnight

  • dbarron

    Well, according to official weather, we squeaked by at 32. I'll go assess the yard for frost/freeze as soon as enough light gets in the sky.

    Edit: Despite official temperature, my flashlight reveals that the water in the outside dog bowl has a thin but firm skin of ice over it. My gut says temperature is probably 30 or 31 and has been so for at least 2-3 hours.

  • Okiedawn OK Zone 7

    I'm not surprised. On our property, even when the thermometer that is just outside the house says 33 or 34, the thermometer slightly downhill in the garden only about 150' away will show 31 or 32. I suspect if we had other Min-Max thermometers in lower-lying parts of the property, we'd get even lower readings than that. Oddly, we stayed at 46 degrees all night long overnight and still are at 46 degrees now at our house, like we had an invisible BioDome covering us and keeping the temperature stable. I have no idea why this occurred when counties around us also dropped into the mid-30s at best. If I'd had any warm-season plants outside to cover up, and I did not have any so this is pure speculation, I would have done it, and then this morning I would have been irritated that I spent all that time covering up plants and we stayed at 46 degrees. We're now one week out from our average last freeze date, so statistically speaking, when that day arrives, we'll only have a 50% chance of another freezing night this spring.

  • hazelinok

    Well, when I woke up at 7:30 this morning it was 34 according to my phone. Fifteen minutes later it was 32, but it's back up. The chickens' waterers weren't frozen. Neither were the dogs' water bowls. I guess my efforts weren't needed, although the red lights on the columnar tree was probably a fun curiosity to passersby.

  • dbarron

    Well, it's 36 (but it feels warmer to me), the waters have thawed and I can see slight damages in tender foliage (spring lycoris being one), but all in all the plants gave it a shrug. I hope it's the last one.

  • Nancy RW (zone 7)

    It only got down to 34 here--smoothhhhhhh.

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