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How to get oven cleaner out of self-cleaning oven?!?!

Alyssa Harnish
2 years ago

I sprayed oven cleaner all over the inside of my oven, locked the door & turned it on self clean for 4.5 hours. It wasn't until the cycle finished & none of the residue was wiping off, that I wasn't supposed to do that! I tried hot water, a sponge & a wet rag to clean up the massive amounts of residue all over the inside, but it didn't work, it just smeared it around. Palm in face moment to say the least. The oven is still warm so I was going to let it sit over night & try again... But should I use something to soak it overnight? Is there anything I can do to get it off/help remove it? I don't want to buy a new oven & I don't want to tell my BF either! Please help me

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