Snapped my money tree (pachira aquatica) & looking for care advice

Maja Krasnicka
11 days ago

Hi everyone!

I'm new to the forum and relatively new to plant care.

A few days ago I bought a pachira aquatica tree, which I absolutely love! On transportation I accidentally snapped one of the branches and it was the only one growing out of that braided tree branch (not sure if my description makes sense, so I'll post a photo). I just wanted to ask if you've got any suggestion as to what I need to do to help it grow back and if anyone has had similar experiences? I just want to make sure that I don't end up with one of the tree trunks dead.

I've also noticed that some of the leaves are rolling inwards (put a photo up). Is that normal?

The tree is over 5 feet with 5 braided branches. I'm planning to repot it, as the pot it came in is only 27cm. I was going to use a mix with high peat compost, which I read on here isn't very good, so I'll use something else. Is now a good time to repot considering that I'm trying to get one of the trunks to grow back some leaves? The reason why I want to repot it is because the pot is tiny in comparison to how big the tree is. And now that I've read more on here regarding the soil that need to be used, I'm not entirely sure that the one it's in at the moment is that good.

I've put it close to the window with only a couple of hours of direct sunlight, but lots of indirect light and ensured there isn't much of a draft coming in.

I've also realised that the water in London is super hard and may cause issues in plants. Any suggestions on this? I've not watered the tree properly yet, because the soil was quite moist when I bought it. Sorry for the long post and would appreciate any advice! Thanks!

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