Shout out to Joe Big Blue in NJ

13 days ago

Hi Joe! Taking a stab that you are going to see this. I think you and I have had similar fungus problems the last couple of years. I think you went with alternating azoxy and propi every other week or something like that. I used Headway G, which has both of them, at less frequent intervals. Last year I switched over to Clearys 3336 which is thiophanate, to avoid resistance. My results were spotty. I didn't keep up with the proper intervals, or I didn't get good coverage, or whatever. Also, due to shipping costs the treatments were costly.

I wanted to know what you did and where you got your chemicals. IIRC last year you had a beautiful lawn with no fungus. I wanted to try whatever you are doing this year and see if that works.

I am not aware of a search function on this forum or else I'd try to find you that way

Thanks! Dan

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