Brighten up Living Room

Aileen S
17 days ago

Hello everyone,

We have a newborn arriving at the end of June and I've been deciding on how to organize the living room with the playpen and possibly toys... At the same time, I've been battling a few years now on ow to brighten up our living room. I didn't think it'd be such an overwhelming task. I'm hoping that I can kill two birds with one stone this time - reorganizing for baby's arrival and brightening up the room... I really do need help as I feel the research online that I've been doing is not helping at all and I'm probably just throwing away money for things that are not working.
The darkness looms over the living room during working hours. Since I'll be home for quite an extended period of time after birth, being in a room is all very depressing when it's dark. Turning on the lights of course is an option but I'm hoping reorganizing will help.

So far I have removed all smaller photo frames to 'declutter' to make it look bigger. There is a window in the living room but it has minimal light since it faces my neighbor's window in a shared common alleyway. The roof almost blocks all the light that can come in so I'm not even sure why there is a window as part of the building plan. In any event, I tried to place a large mirror across from the window to reflect light. Unfortunately, due to minimal light, it does not serve its purpose of reflecting light but it does reflect another window on the other side of the wall which is not bad :(

The only time the living room gets light is in the afternoon when the sun finally reaches the front door and I have a picture showing the room at that time of the day.

Is this a project where I need to restart by removing all the furniture and then putting them back one at a time?

I was looking into replacing my Ikea Ektorp sofa with the Ikea Vimle (white)
as it features a more minimalist look. After measuring and deciding, I then found out it's being discontinued and replaced with a new line in April.

Light in the picture makes it look brighter than it is.

Picture shows dark living room from both entrance and kitchen

Afternoon sun from entrance finally comes into living room.

Any help greatly appreciated

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