Fertalizer ? in S.Indiana

7 days ago

A friend gave me some bags of 18-0-1 fertalizer. What time of year should i apply it?I live in Southern Indiana...Thanks for any info.

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  • morpheuspa (6B/7A, E. PA)

    Memorial Day. Application before then taps the roots of carbs and forces top growth--which is already at a very high rate anyway.

    Target rate for most northern lawns is around 1 pound of nitrogen per thousand square feet, so your target rate is 5 pounds of fertilizer per thousand square feet (and a touch more, but that really doesn't matter).

  • dchall_san_antonio

    To add just a tad to what morph said, grass coming out of a winter slumber has plenty of energy to go through May without the addition of more fertilizer. If you were to fertilize now, the fertilizer would force additional growth on top of the already fast growth and use up all the stored energy faster. The result would be you spend money on fertilizer now and you spend it again in May. Or you can sit on your hands now and mow normal grass until May, then apply the first dose of fertilizer. It can be hard to get through this the first two seasons, especially if you watch weekend TV with all the fertilizer commercials.

    If you are off now for the COVID virus, take some time to sharpen your garden tools. Start with the lawn mower and work you way to shovels, hoes, shears, and tree saws.

  • HU-769918103

    Thanks guys for info...Is 18-0-1 a decent fertalizer for Indiana?

  • morpheuspa (6B/7A, E. PA)

    Anything with a first number higher than the second and third by a lot is fine unless you have a soil test indicating otherwise.

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