Who here is still working (not from home) - - -

Tina Marie
13 days ago

but going out to their job? We still have many business open and of course, some people do not have extended leave to take off and some cannot take off for fear of losing their job. My husband works from home (self employed) and had a client meet with him today. They stayed at the opening of the garage (my husband does fabrication/design/machine work and his shop is at the back of our garage) and stood apart. He did have to go out some last week for supplies, picked up some diagrams, etc. But mostly he's able to stay away from others. I know so many who are still working and are worried, but have to do so.

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  • pudgeder

    My husband is still working. His job isn't one where he can work from home. He keeps his distance from people and he slathers himself in hand sanitizer.

    While he's not in public utilities, he's HVAC company manager and that never ends.

    I do wish he'd stay home.

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  • patriceny

    My spouse works in public utilities. So if you still have heat, water, lights - thank a public utility worker because they're all still out there keeping us going.

    Same goes for truckers, food service workers, cashiers at essential businesses. There are a whole lot of people who are not medical professionals keeping this country going. My Facebook feed is filled with thanks for medical people - and it is WELL DESERVED! But please don't forget the other people who are doing their best in this chaos too.

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  • Feathers11

    My husband's company is essential, and so he's going to work at the office. Although I worry about his health, it's good he's keeping his routine... for his sake and mine. I'm dealing with things here at home with their own set of challenges, and I'm grateful for the normalcy that his routine is bringing to our family.

    I'm also grateful because there are so many people not working at all. We are fortunate.

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  • tannatonk23

    Fortunately I am retired so I am self quarantining. Hubby is an essential public works guy so he still is going in, however that will change to working every other day this week if possible..

    This morning he had the lovely task of closing down our county’s beaches and fishing pier. People just don’t get it. I feel for him having to deal with these people. When he comes home he decontaminates in the garage and then goes straight to the shower while I run around wiping down anything he may have touched.

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  • Jinx

    My husband — electrician.

    My daughter — bank. Lobby is closed to the public, drive-thru banking only.

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  • smhinnb

    I'm still working. I work in a government office that is considered essential services. Only staff that are deemed critical are here, so there are only 3 of us in my office area. There are others in the building but I rarely see them. We don't deal with the public so my exposure to to other people is limited. To be honest I'm kind of glad to be working. It's a distraction and makes my day feel more "normal".

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  • terezosa / terriks

    My husband manages a beverage distributor, and is still going to the office, but maintaining distance and sanitizing. We are sleeping in separate rooms. I am staying home, except for going on solo walks, walks with friends while maintaining 6 ft distance, and to buy food.

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  • msmeow

    My DH and I are both going to work. He works for Lowe’s and so far there have been no announcements about shorter hours or closing. I work for a privately held hotel chain and they cut our hours from 40 to 24 as a cost-saving measure, but for now we are still working.


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  • 4kids4us

    My daughter is! She works at a bakery in southern CA, not exactly what I would consider “essential” service but I guess since they sell cake, they are somehow getting around it. i believe they are only doing curbside pickup now. I wish they would close so she could stay home. She doesn’t need to work, but she wants to be able to work there next semester. Since she’s only worked there about five weeks, she doesn’t want to say she can’t work if they are still open. Others have been canceling their shifts and they have asked if she is willing to cover. She doesn’t live with anyone at risk (and her roommates are both still working), so she agreed to cover. Her online classes start this week tho so she wont be able to work as often thankfully. So far, Dh and I have not advised her to stop working, but might end up doing so soon.

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  • Kitchenwitch111

    I'm self employed but I have no work. My boyfriend is an essential service in NYC -- he sits in an empty corporate office building and makes sure the computers are working for the remote employees. He said this morning when he biked over the Brooklyn Bridge he had the whole bridge to himself.

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  • Sister Sunnie

    I'm working. Governent and considered essential. Building is locked to public so its three of us in here. Work and home, and some shopping for my senior (ill) mother is my exposure.

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  • 3katz4me

    DH has three employees coming into the office about half time to get remaining work in process projects completed and delivered. He goes in every day as well. They have plenty of room to keep their distance and no one comes into the office other than mailman and deliveries to the loading dock area. They let anything that is not time sensitive sit for a couple days. Things like checks get opened right away and deposited. They are fastidiously cleaning all surfaces regularly.

    I retired last year so no going into the office for me. I'm so thankful I'm not in my previous role at this time. I would hate the stress of being one of the company leaders responsible for making decisions related to this. I did talk this weekend to someone I used to work with and they have gone entirely remote. It was Saturday at 9am and she'd just gotten off a company coronavirus task force call. It's a software company so relatively easy to switch to remote work.

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  • Tina Marie

    Patrice - YES! I am so thankful for those on the front lines who will keep things going. I know our health care workers, utility workers, grocery store workers, etc. are going to be worn out (if they are not already). A million thanks to them! Our best friends (husband and wife) are truly family to us. Their kids are our kids, lol. The husband is in utilities and one of the sons. On top of the virus and them needing to be at work, the dad/grandfather passed away last week. Only a graveside with family was allowed and then the son and grandson both went back to work today. I'm already trying to come up with something to give to express our gratitude to the caregivers at my dad's assisted living. They are on lockdown and may go to staff staying round the clock. They have been wonderful and I know their nerves must be stretched thin.

  • Lukki Irish

    My husband is on disability but I’m still working full time. 1/2 in the field at clinics and 1/2 at home. I’d much prefer to stay home but my job is also considered to be essential. Nearly all the clinics I visit have stopped seeing most, if not all patients In person to avoid exposure. While I take a little comfort in that, I still go to the clinics armed with a set of gloves, a canister of Wet Ones, a small bottle of hand sanitizer and a packet of tissues. I wipe my entire area when I arrive and I wipe it down before I leave. It’s the best I can do and I hope it’s enough, because my DH has no immune system left.

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  • gsciencechick

    DH is still working, unfortunately. I wish he were home. At least this early part of the week is supposedly pretty quiet.

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  • lisaam

    My food service business is still operating although with greatly reduced staff alough I've put in about 65 hours this week. Some customers are still choosing to walk in and we are offering curb side and home delivery. I'd like to be able to keep enough business to cover insurance, electricity, wages, and other necessities. Every day normal changes a bit.

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  • jmck_nc

    My job is very part time and I am not working. My husband is working from home. My son is a firefighter, so still working. DIL works in cancer research so some work from home and some in-clinic work. At least the cancer hospital is separate from the main hospital so her exposure is limited.

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  • tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

    So far, everyone in my house is working as norma.l. Dh works for state government and the nature of his work does not make it do well for teleworking. It is anticipated the governor will make a stay-home order today and it remains to be seen how it will affect him. My 18 yo daughter works for Domino's and it is business as usual except no dine-in. She works inside and wears a mask so her exposure is somewhat limited. My oldest son works for UPS at the air hub. That job is considered essential so he will be reporting every day as usual. I work for a local plant nursery, small family owned operation. Most of my work right now is landscaping type in the beautiful garden and the 2 of us working are usually 6 feet apart. I definitely worry for that business because they are only open from April through July and this year could be rough.

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  • Feathers11

    Lisaam, I'm glad you're hanging in there. I hope it continues.

  • lisaam

    Thanks Feathers. It's hard to know what is the right thing to do but I must try to help my key employees to survive. It would be nice if we could all work from home or to live in Denmark where the govt is able to pay 75% of workers salaries to keep them at home.

  • 3katz4me

    Yes Lisa- good to hear from you - glad you are still hanging in there.

  • jakabedy

    I was going in to work through today as skeleton crew. We're the legal department of a university that includes an academic medical center, so we're helping work through any legal issues associated with the rapidly changing situation. But today the governor issued a stay-home order (waves to tishtoshnm!) and we were told no more skeleton crew. Everyone is now work from home. But there are only so many VPN access points and clinical needs are prioritized (which makes sense). I anticipate becoming nocturnal for the duration, as the VPN typically only clears out after 9 or 10pm.

  • tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

    Hi, jakabedy! I am glad that they are able to give you some leeway. DH is not employed in public safety, health etc. but his government office is functioning as usual, just closed to the public so off to work he went this morning. It seems the stay-at-home order has many, many exceptions but the governor is at least being more proactive than I expected. Oldest at son at UPS received what he called his "hall pass." If a curfew is instituted and he is pulled over, it will document that he is essential and on the way to work.

  • gsciencechick

    Well, we have been put under a shelter in place BUT legal services and real estate title work are considered essential services so DH will still have to work. Now, might people actually wise up and cancel their transactions or contracts, that is maybe a possibility.

    real estate local market

  • littlebug zone 5 Missouri

    I work part-time at a small family-owned greenhouse. I guess it's considered an essential service (it sells seed, vegetable plants, trees, etc.) as an agribusiness because it's running hard right now - prime time. Wholesale is about 85% of its business. There were 4 Ryder trucks backed up to the loading docks when I got there today, hauling out live goods.

    As a member of a targeted generation (over 60) I am usually assigned to work in a greenhouse all by myself. Fine with me.

  • hcbm

    I'm working from home. My brother drives a truck delivering groceries to stores from NYC to Pa. He makes 17 stops in NJ before he gets to Pa where he makes 3 stops. Because of demand he has been making his run 6 days a week instead of 4. He has a pass to be on the road. My ex works for a research university and has to be there a few times a week to maintain and make any emergency repairs to critical equipment. There are several labs with NIH grants doing genome and cancer research and a breakdown can mean the loss of several years of data and starting over.

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