Indirect air source heat pump water tank

12 days ago

Hi .. I have a question .. please be gentle if I'm being ridiculous

I've been looking at heating/hot water for a new house in Vancouver. Most people here seem to have a gas boiler for radiant heating and a indirect tank that supplies the hot water. I learnt today what an indirect tank is .. a loop that has hot water provided by the boiler which heats up the water in the tank .. very clever.

The other technology that sparked my interest was the hybrid electric tank such as the Rheem - https://www.rheem.com/products/residential/water-heating/hybrid - it's the heat source pump on top that perked my interest.

So the question is .. does a product exist which combines the 2 .. i.e. the primary heat for the hot water is provided by the indirect loop but there is also a air source heat pump that suppliments the heat... does this sound pointless?

I'm thinking it could harvest the ambient heat from the mechanical room :) thoughts?

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