Help with navy & gold master bathroom

Sammie Gee
11 days ago

Hi there,

I just bought my first house, and I'm look for help on how to complete the look in my master bathroom! The previous owners renovated it, and I like the colors and finishes. This is what the bathroom looks like now:

I really like the navy and gold, but I'm a little at a loss on how to proceed with this room. For the record, the vanity is dark navy blue (I think it looks closer to black in the photo). Here are my biggest concerns:

1. I need to add some storage. Right now, the only storage is the vanity, which actually only has two drawers. I'm thinking of adding a storage cabinet above the toilet, but I'm not sure what color/style would go with the room. I found the exact vanity online, so you can see what the storage looks like:

2. You can't really tell from the picture, but the light fixture, mirror, and sink faucet are all different shades of gold. It doesn't look terrible, but it feels like a lot of gold to not be consistent. I'm thinking of painting the mirror frame black just to break it up a bit, but I am completely open to other suggestions!

3. Paint color - the room needs to be painted. Right now, its just a flat white. Even if the paint color stays white, I need to paint it with something that has more of a glossy finish. Currently, I think the white looks too bland, but I'm not sure what other color would really work in the room.

4. Shower curtain! I was originally thinking something that was a solid navy with a bit of texture, but I'm not sure if that would make the room look too dark or closed off. There is a window that lets a lot of natural light in, so it could work. I also thought about a white curtain with some texture, but with the walls white I think it would just look washed out.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)

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