Anyone had a Wedi corner shower bench that is glued in?

14 days ago
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We are having our shower redone. The installer put in a Wedi corner shower bench that is glued to the wall. I looked on-line and saw they have a premade bench with cleats that screw into studs. When I asked about this the installer said that glueing was the way installers were trained and the premade was for home owners.

So I called Wedi to ask and they confirmed that the glue in shower seat was an approved installation method but said it is only rated to 250 lbs and the prefabricated is rated to 500 lbs. Our installer abandoned the project over this so we have to decide whether to proceed with finding another tile installer who will use or rip out what was put in OR just buy some solid surface panels and have them glued to the Wedi walls and cut out the corner shower seat.

My gut says a foam triangle glued to the wall isn't going to hold up over time and if it falls off could crush a foot or cause major injury. Plus I don't want something that is so close to my husband's weight of 235 lbs.

Has anyone had one of these glued in benches last over time?

What do people think of a glued in piece of foam as a shower seat that if installed 100% correctly will only support a person of 250 lbs? This was not mentioned in the bid and when I researched the system before accepting the bid I only saw the other version which has cleats that are screwed into the studs.

I also questioned whether you can tile directly to the blue foam. Wedi in the FAQ says no but the Wedi guy on the phone says yes. So then I started to doubt Wedi's guidance. Maybe they just care about selling the product and not whether the system will hold up over time.

This is the top of the panel where it doesn't appear the panels are fastened at the corners or on the edges.

I think this is sufficient to hold prefabricated solid surface panels so maybe we should switch to that. So many people seem to have problems with their tile installs and I am discouraged.

The other thing I didn't like was the shelf in the niche being a single piece of foam. If you tile the top and bottom of it then there is just a skinny piece of tile between two shluter edges and I think that will look odd. I had asked for a thicker shelf so it had a better look.


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