Why are my fruit trees only growing leaves at the tips of branches?

10 days ago

Hi All,

I have two apple trees, two peaches, and an apricot tree in my yard all planted in my Phoenix (9b) yard spring 2019. Last year they only had leaves at the tips of the branches, but I figured that it was all part of first year struggles for new trees. This year they have bloomed. They all have small fruit which I am planning on pulling so they can concentrate on growing another year, and they appear to be done leafing out. They problem is that they only have dense leaf growth at the tips of their branches. So there is no shade for fruit or trunk, and they look silly. My wife said it looks like I'm growing fruit tree poodles. I fertilized with a 10-10-10 just before bud break. They have about 8 inches of mulch extending beyond the drip line, and I flood irrigate their large wells when I water. Am I missing something?




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