silly stuff: DIYing things you probably shouldn't DIY but have to

11 days ago

Are you doing things you'd probably be advised not to do but have to because you're self-isolating? Here's one: PIANO repair.

One aspect of life being locked down that I did not anticipate was piano failure.

I've meant to get the piano technician out to replace these worn leather nuts but things got delayed and now I am stuck doing temporary piano repairs for my kid who plays with a great deal of vigor. These 90-year old bits of leather are crumbling.

(We haven't gotten around to purchasing a normal piano yet, either, and that too will clearly have to wait!)

When a key is struck, the threaded rod is raised. If the leather bit is gone, or has slid down, the hammer isn't activated and complaints are made to me.

Can anyone think of a household material that can replace these better than a rubber band? It's hard to get a rubber band to that perfect spot and they don't last very long. They do work well enough when they are in place though. I don't want to use anything that will gum things up, so no duck(t) tape!

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