What is/was the biggest challenge or fear in your remodel or new build

Christi Cooper
4 days ago
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What is/was the biggest challenge or fear in your remodel or new build?

A little background, I am a designer with over 30 years of working with couples to design and build/remodel their dream home. This poll is research for a design program and course I have just launched which helps couples, like you, to reduce the stress of working with your partner as you follow a proven system/plan to design and build a house you both love. This plan walks you and your partner, step by step through the entire process from designing, decision making, and construction.

Though I feel my course covers so much (400 + pages and videos), I need your help to make sure I address needs I may not have thought of. Unfortuently, I am not a mind reader and need input (though I had my children fooled for the longest).

The truth is, my overall goal is to help couples come out the other end with a stronger relationship (or at least not worse for wear) and design and build a home the BOTH love. I know this is a lofty goal, but why not pass what I have learned on to you.

I would really love your comments on how it was working with your partner on such big projects. What was the hardest thing? The easiest? What did y'all disagree on most? Do you know your personality types? I lovingly have nicknamed my program “how to build a house without killing your spouse”. I know y’all know exactly what I mean.

Lastly, please help me out and comment below....what would you do differently in the process that you feel would have made the experience less stressful and/or the outcome better. We are going to assume there will be contractor and time issues, things that are totally out of your control. So,tell me about the things that should have been or were in your control. Lessons you learned

Thanks for all the help!


Budget/finances - The actual project cost and budget did not meet up.
Things didn't function or look like you had hoped or expected - comment below
Design fatigue and analysis paralysis - I didn't know there were so many decisions to be made
Fear of making a wrong decision or the lack of confidence in the decisions you were/are making
Stress on relationship caused by communication/personalities/differing opionions or style
I didn't understand what the process was, or how to get from A to Z, or lack of guidance
What have I missed? Comment below

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