Roses under fabric weed barrier?

Moses, Western PA., zone 5/6, USA
11 days ago
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Fabric, good quality, long lasting weed barrier on the soil, then holes for the new, gallon pot roses, with 2" pine bark mulch above that, mostly for aesthetics...this is what my buddy wants to put down in his first time rose bed I am assisting him create.

I am entirely against the weed barrier, and have him almost persuaded, but he's strong willed, still a great guy, though.

Any thoughts?

With an every three month application of Miracle Gro Shake n' Feed for Roses, which I swear by, I say it is impossible for the fertilizer to work effectively on top of a weed barrier, even under pine bark mulch.

The rose bed has excellent light, soil, and drainage, and is fenced from deer.

BTW, here is his rose list, some in multiples, at my suggestion.

Princess Charlene de Monaco


South Africa


Wedding Bells

Violet's Pride


Pink Enchantment




The above roses should make black spot a non-issue. Do you agree?

The only other major obstacles, the dreaded Rose Midge Fly and Japanese Beetles....well, they are issues that will be a battle front, but the heavy black spot pressure we get here in the Pittsburgh area, being a non-issue with those rose choices, should make his garden more a joyful experience, rather than a work detail.

What do you think?


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