Is this countertop stone condition acceptable to you?

11 days ago
last modified: 11 days ago

The countertop/fabricator company charged me $800 to hone the slab. I have seen the slab before and it did not have any of the marks shown below. Once they installed it, they told me it would go away after putting sealant. The darker stone on one photo did go away momentarily while the sealant was drying, which was just enough time for the installers to leave. I asked the installers about the white marks/etching and they just shrugged/couldn't articulate what that was.

I emailed the countertop fabricator office about the white marks as well but in the meantime, has anyone experienced this before? The slab is quartzite. It was originally polished and they honed it and it looks like these marks are all from honing it...

What would you do? Is this acceptable? The quartzite was not cheap by any means.

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