Please: Powder room 31" vanity for more space or 37" wider counter?

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13 days ago
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We are updating rounded vanity (21" width in front and 32.5" in back) in powder room with two rectangular options from Lowe's. Would you go with 31" and make more space in bathroom but limit décor on counters? Or would you go with larger vanity that will fill more of the bathroom, especially with boxed shape, but will give more counters for better accent pieces? I love the idea of having the counter space for more than just toiletries (flowers, rolled towels, etc), but I'm afraid the 37" vanity is too large for this powder room.

Please consider the change in shape, so the new vanities will come out more on the sides versus the tapered shape of current vanity.

a. Which vanity do you like more (single or double handle)?

b. What size makes more sense for my space (31" or 37")?

THANK YOU for your help with our decision!

Current 34" vanity in the back but 21" width in the front:

This vanity with single handles is 31":

This double handle vanity is 37" wide:

If this link works, here are comparisons of the vanities:,1000514721,1000514723,1000514729&returnShoppingUrl=/search?searchTerm=presnell+37%2522,1000514721,1000514723,1000514729&returnShoppingUrl=/search?searchTerm=presnell+37%2522

Thanks again!

Classic Comfort

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