She shed build for DW

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

I retired last August and DW retired in October, during that time frame we also downsized from 3000 sqft (4 br, 2 bath) to 1300 sqft (2 br, 2 bath) single story, no basement, retirement palace.

DW is very crafty and she used the smallest bedroom of our previous home as her craft room. Unfortunately with only two bedrooms in this house there was no place for all her crafts.

Being a reasonably attentive and somewhat handy-to-keep-around husband, I suggested that I could build her a 4-season she shed for her craft work, she liked that idea and last October I started on the project.

Since we live in northwest wisconsin, there is a limit as to how much I was going to get done working through the winter on the project, but i did finish the inside a few weeks ago and she is now moved it and enjoying her new space. Along the way she suggested that I might i share something it on THS since so many people are stuck at home and perhaps people might enjoy and perhaps share their own similar experiences. Lots of pics to follow!

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