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2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

For anyone who wants to play along, I'm still plugging along on my quarantine project. The outside is basically done, except for one side area that needs some paint. Here's the 1970's groovy house before:

Here it is now as my idea of a Colonial:

(All the shutters and windows look exactly the same. Photo was shot on an angle and the windows on right are showing the inside of the house which makes them look off.)

The chimney would give a building inspector shudder. (The stones are torn up egg cartons, glued down, sealed and grouted. Same with the front patio. My daughter would tell me I'm so extra.)

I still need a welcome mat and I desperately want to find (or make) one of those dog with a basket front door statues. I'm batting 000. I could take a plastic or resin dog and paint it with a stone paint ad then add a mini basket also painted. Seems like a lot of work though. Would much rather find one already done (but minus all the moss.)

Now onto some construction stuff for the inside. (Oh, and Eld, I did order maple craft sticks to make proper flooring. You were right about the plywood--I was just in denial.)

Pics to follow when I actually get more done.


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