How I can use large iron ore rocks in a bed next to driveway.

7 months ago

I will have a 7'x12' bed at the edge of my driveway. There will be a fence at the back (12') and on the right side (3'0. The bed will be about 1 1/2ft higher at the back and tapering down to the drive. I have read that you should put rocks in odd numbers. One rock is large and others somewhat smaller. I think I could put three there, but don't know if I should. I do want two or three evergreen plants.

Something that would stay low like junipers. My concern is would they get too hot near the rocks. I live in south Alabama, 17 miles above the Florida panhandle. Although it gets very hot here, we do have temps in the teens. I am getting older and I need beds that are low maintenance.

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