Complete decoration, design and interior of children's room

Karina Andersen
2 months ago

Hi All,

I really hope someone can help us, as we are not so good at decoration, design and interior but we like and appriciate it a lot :)

Kids preference:

- We like to create a shared room for a girl 10 year old and a boy 7 year old

- The girl prefer a 140x200 bed

- They like to have a desk

- Scandinavian style, but other can maybe also be ok :)

- They prefer to have seperate beds, so they do not like bunk bed

- They like some space for creative ideas and for storage for board games etc.

Room details:

- Have a look on floorplan of the room

- Room height is 250 cm.

I hope someone can help and give their idea to us :)

All the best

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