Please help me with My Dying shriveled Panda Plant! (๑ १д१)

9 months ago

I know this is long but I want to give all the information I have.

Iv'e had this sweet baby for like 2 years now and she's done great and I can't remember when things started going down hill, maybe because it was so gradual. I bought my Panda plant with a pin cushion cactus and they always sit together and get watered together, the only window I can keep them on is in my room which doesn't get the best natural light probably because of the way it's facing and there is a tree right in front of my window that blocks the light. I can't put it anywhere else because my cats will get it.

The first thing that I noticed was that the stems where longer than how it was when I fist bought it, I thought that's just how they get when they grow. Then some leaves would fall of or fall down from a light touch, I didn't think much of it because my mom has some succulents that do that and you can easily re plant them. Then The leaves started looking dryer, and before that I might have over watered the two a bit...... I usually fill a small bucket up and place the 2 plants in it with the water half way up the plants, I heard that it's better to feed them bottom up because before when they were on another window there were some small bugs on them and they got sun burnt. I usually only leave them for 30 minutes but I was making food and and I forgot about them for a while, a long while.....like 4 hours. (๑ १д१).I tried to get the water out of them by draining them and smashing the soil down to get the water out. Then like I said the leaves looked drier and it just kept getting worse even though I just watered it days ago. I bought whole new pots with succulent soil and a plant light. I re potted both of them with the soil and some small pebbles and some cactus fertilizer (Just a bit). Iv'e had the light on them for the recommended times but it's just getting worse and i'm afraid this is it. Even though my beautiful pin cushion cactus is doing fine my panda plant is on deaths door!

Looking at the picture now compared to a healthy Panda plant makes me wish I would've done something sooner. :'(

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