Raccoons 3, Astilbe 0.

2 months ago

I'm warring with the local raccoons. I have no doubt it's the Biotone and Plant Tone that's driving them to dig up my recently planted astilbe and dappled willow. We've combined scent and ultrasonic deterrents, to no avail. The bulbs are gone and they threw an entire astilbe plant into the pond. The willow is too big to pull out but they keep digging around it and I'm worried with cold weather coming again that the willow won't survive. Obviously I won't be using organic fertilizer again but until I can attempt new plantings... any thoughts on successful raccoon deterrence anyone here had had? Can my willow survive repeated diggings in the cold or did I just blow $50?

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  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5
    2 months ago

    I'm worried with cold weather coming again

    ==just curious.. are you down under?

    what kind of willow ... bery hard to kill.. even when you want to ... i wouldnt worry about it ...

    do you have any fencing laying around.. that you could just lay on top of the soil... chicken wire.. harware cloth.. etc ... just leave it there until the scent disappears???


    ps: you said: and they threw an entire astilbe plant into the pond. ===>>> really.. i can understand looking for food... etc .. but do you have to be an a*s about it.. lol ...

    nothing p.o.'d me off more.. was rabbits cutting every leaf off a hosta... only to walk away without eating any of them.. really???? .. you couldnt figure they you wouldnt eat them ... after the first dozen leaves.. you idgit ... lol

  • DCF-Z6A
    Original Author
    2 months ago

    LOL Ken. Yes, drowning the plant seemed particularly dickish! (At least it's now sufficiently watered for the day - the silver lining? I replanted it just in case it's a survivor.)

    Z6A. Had mid-70s yesterday, forecast mid 40s and 50s this week, possible snow this weekend. So over this weather!

    Dappled willow.

    We do have chicken wire but figured they'd just pull it up to get to the scent and possibly do more damage. Although they're supposedly so smart you'd think they'd have figured out there's nothing delectable waiting for them and move on.

  • DCF-Z6A
    Original Author
    2 months ago

    Sorry, this week's forecast says mid 40s day, some nights into below freezing territory.

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