Excessive Condensation near AC Unit

Steven Cook
10 days ago

My wood floors started warping and coming up and that can only mean one thing...moisture.

This is located around my Air handler that's in a hallway Closet. But the warping wood floors are not radiating from the air handler closet (of which the concrete floor inside is dry), the moisture follows a straight line traveling across my hallway and then a secondary location of slight-warping that also follows a line.

My initial guess was the coolant lines are not insulated correctly. One coolant line from the air handler goes straight into the concrete and lays against drywall (where some slight moisture is also present). The parts of the coolant line that is visible is poorly insulated and obviously sweating.

I also live in Florida where we live in constant humidity. Temp usually set to 72F. There is an underlayment under the wood floors although I did not install so i'm unsure of the quality there.

I'd like to know what is the standard for routing coolant lines through concrete?

Does it seem that this is an insulation problem or more of a common problem for high-humid states with coolant lines in concrete?

I'm trying to weigh my options; ripping up concrete and redoing the lines with proper insulation OR reflooring with a 100% water proof flooring and underlayment.

The attached Picture shows where the coolant line runs into the concrete (solid color line) and the highlighted yellow areas are where the warping is occurring. None of the drywall or molding is wet except for a small spot where the line runs into the concrete flooring. The compressors and fan unit outside are located directly behind the Camera (6 o'clock).

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