Hi, I need help with small space organic and or just garden planning

last year
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Does anybody have a template or suggestions on where to plant the following in a 13.5 x 8.5 garden plot? Kale: 2 Lacinato & 2 Siberian, 4-6 Kohlrabi, Spinach, Lettuce, Swiss Chard, Mustard Greens, Zucchini: 1 Yellow & 1 Green, Cucumbers: 1 pickling 1 Lebanese, Tomatoes: cherry and Orange regular sz, Bush Beans: Amythyst & Green, Peas, Basil, Parsley.

Last year was my first organic garden and I was not aware of crop rotation and many other things. I read not to plant Mustard greens near Kale so I planted them on opposites sides of the garden. In the SE corner I planted Mustard (killed off by flea beetles) and Zucchini, in the NW corner: Beans with Kale in front (attacked by cabbage moths in July. ( I thought they were pretty white butterflies not evil killers, lol) Cucumbers in the centre and Tomatoes in front of the cukes, interplanted with various lettuce. (see below)

South Facing 13.5' x 8.5' (below)

NW corner: back row - Left to R: Beans - Cukes - Zucchini

Front L to R: Kale, Beets, Spinach, Tomatoes, Basil, Mesclun Greens, Carrots, Chard, Mustard (pulled out)

Now that I am aware of crop rotation and a slew of other information, I am just plain ole confused about where to plant what? Ugh! Help me please : ) Tia

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