Conex storage container home in Florida

10 days ago

I'm looking for land in N. Florida between Destin and the Alabama border and would like to talk to a Architect familiar with Florida codes, our weather and hurricanes before deciding on a conex, modular or stick built home. Anyone know of Architects that have designed conex homes in North Florida?

I have not seen many realistic conex blue prints on line and since I work with cad-files I have design several home layouts for myself, but I'm not an Architect. I want to post pictures of my layouts on-line and to send to Architects to look at but was wondering if there are copy writes I have to worry about? I don’t care if others use my designs but If I put the blue prints out there and a random Architect completes the blue print and stamps it without me knowing can I have another Architect design it for me later legally?

How do I find official blue prints on conex homes? I figure if I find a similar layout already completed it will save me money vs having my plans completed by an Architect.

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