Updating home - Is my order of updates correct?

last month

Hi everyone! I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. We finally managed to save up some money to update our home. I have shared below what we intend to do and on what order. Will you please provide feedback?

We are totally new to this and don’t have even a cent to waste. This was a builder grade home that we purchased from folks that didn’t do much in way of home upkeep.

I dislike that everything is so brown and beige. Hoping to minimize that with the updates mentioned below.

Step 1. Clean and reseal tile and grout lines. Not a fan of the tiles but replacing them is unfortunately out of our budget.

Step 2. Paint interior. I am thinking of going with BM classic gray for walls and simply white/chantilly lace for trim and doors. Will also replace door handles. Right now they are brass and really worn out.

Step 3. Spray paint kitchen cabinets and replace backsplash. My research tells me that it’s better to go with the trim colour so cabinets will either be simply white or chantilly lace. White should make the kitchen look updated (hopefully).

Step 4. Paint/stain the oak staircase same as the reddish colour of hardwood floors. Maybe even white. I really would like to minimize the staircase somehow. I don’t like how it’s dead centre in my floor plan but it is what it is.

Pictures below. Thank you so much!!!

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