The Finale - follow up to the previous posts about our construction

Adam Thomas
13 days ago

My first post on houzz is located here: link

2nd post here: link

I hope you will notice that we got more sophisticated over time, but perhaps that is untrue. In any case, we took all of the feedback from those two posts, considered what was most important to us, finalized the floorplan, and spent 18 months building the place. Thanks to everyone who commented (both positive and negative) you were extremely helpful. We are all very happy with how the house is shaping up. Just need a few years on the landscaping and a few odd pieces of furniture. We are in our early 40s so intend to live here 30-40 years. If I outlive my wife I'll replace the french doors on the front. If she outlives me, she'll add shutters.

I need to take some pictures of the interior, but in the meantime, I'll post some photos of the outside. Also, please notice that the floorplan and elevations changed after feedback from post #2. We painted the bricks white and used black shutters, but for God's sake don't call it a farmhouse. We can hear cows from the back porch but I am a businessman!

Floor plan:


Closer view. The bushes in front of the retaining wall are azaleas and should grow to make a hedge over the next few years. Bright flowers twice/year.

One of three planter boxes, this one happens to be kitchen window.

Custom weathervane modeled after our dog Scout:

Livewall on porch by the most used entryway. We haven't cracked the code on this thing yet, but will ultimately be solid plants. There is also a wood border that hides the scaffold and plumbing, I really need to get to that this weekend...

Someone asked about black gutters. You can't tell, but the downspouts are round.

And now for a few interior pictures that I took before the home was fully furnished:

From living room into dining room:

Swing bed on back porch:

When this post rolls off the front page, my Houzz career will probably be over. I had two goals here: build a house and get on ARG's Top 100 List and I accomplished both. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to my previous posts and if you have constructive criticisms that can be rectified without me writing a check that has a comma in it, fire away!

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