Midrange double oven favorites?

last month

Midrange for me probably meaning in the lower mid 3K range as I take advantage of holiday sales. Yes I’ve read a lot of threads here, most seem to be from about 5 years ago. My initial leaning was Elux wavetouch but then I saw there are enough people with Elux issues that they referred to it as a club. Bosch 800 series? Some issues reported, doesn’t seem drastic. LG a bit cheaper, seeing some complaints about their knobs which ironically is what I like about the looks. Cafe? I saw someone concerned about porcelain racks, makes sense, but I see others are doing it too. Cracking or crazing from less than gentle use concerns me.

I know this post sounds kind of lazy but I have in fact been reading a lot of threads and reviews, just wondering if I missed something more recently and if this group has any strong opinions for or against any specific brand or model.


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