Urgent but easy- Creeping charlie treatment in cloudy weather?

mo Waisman
6 months ago

Today and tomorrow were supposed to be sunny and now it's mostly cloudy. Our creeping charlie is blooming and I planned to spray it this morning while calm and sunny. This is in a poorly kept lawn that hasn't been mown too recently. Now the next sunny day isn't predicted until 5/30! I also wanted to get grass seed down before the week of gentle rains (up to about 50% chance by Sat afternoon, zip is 53527)...what do I do?

Should I wait for sun for treating the creeping charlie? It might be a couple weeks by the time conditions are ideal. I'm using Ortho's Weed B Gone with triclopyr. I'm thinking I can reverse order and spread seed before the rain and treat creeping charlie after. I am really conservative with chemical use- second time ever using something like this- and I want to do it right.

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  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)
    6 months ago

    Sun is not necessary. It will work just as effectively if applied on a cloudy day. Just make sure no rain is expected for at least 3 hours after application. And no, you don't want to seed first then apply the herbicide.....you need at last 4 weeks after the seed has germinated and the new grass emerged before application and you want all the weeds out of the way before you do seed. And it is already pretty late in the season to seed anyway. In most cases, it is not advised to seed or overseed in spring (now late spring) as the newly seeded grass suffers in the summer heat.

    Treat for weeds now. Seed or overseed in late summer or early fall.