Family room do you feel about this idea?

6 days ago

Our family room had built-ins along one entire wall and really needs an update. The space is fairly substantial and I am struggling with what to do to make it inviting. I have taken photos of the before, decorated 7 years ago, which needs to be updated.

I have considered keeping the anchor pieces, antique chests, etc, as the backdrop of the new design. Not sure these pieces are needed or adding interest, would love to hear your input.

To this I am considering the addition of family photos and photos of our family vacations. I have set up various sized boxes and such to illustrate the size and quantity of photos on canvas I am considering. Not sure the details are solid or what the space needs, would love to hear your input. Size, quantity, spacing, location...what do you think the space needs? I have attached a few photos of how I have set the space up, but totally open to other ideas!

Would love your input, open to any and all suggestions!

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