Healthy DA climber rose similar to Lady of Shallot?

Adelaide (Z8b Canada)
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Since planting my first 2 DA roses, I have fallen deeper into this pit and am now looking to get more roses! I am hoping to plant a climber in my backyard, but the spot will be next to 2 blueberry bushes so I won't be spraying anything (unless it's the same thing I will be using on my blueberries, but I will only use organic sprays or insecticidal soaps). So I am looking for something that is quite healthy. I would have to say since I only just planted my first 2 roses this year in containers, I don't quite know what roses are susceptible to in my area.

From perusing all the forum posts, I gather that Lady of Shallot is a very healthy and vigorous climber. However, I am just not a fan of that orange I wish I am! Other than the deep orange and the deep red/maroon colour (a la Darcey Bussel), I am actually up for most other colours. I am hoping to keep to a DA climber as I like the old English look, but if there are non-DA roses that bloom a similar style flower (I really like deeply cup shaped blooms) I'd be open to it!

From the list of DA climbers, I have looked at Wollerton Old Hall and Claire Austin (yes all very cup shaped!). I am hoping some experienced growers can impart their wisdom on the health and repeat flowering of these, or can suggest any other ones that would be as "beginner-proof" as Lady of Shallot. Lady of Shallot was also listed as great for bees - which I would love since it'll be next to my blueberries. I totally wish I like orange! FYI, the two DA shrubs that I have are Queen of Sweden and Jude the Obscure.

Thank you in advance!

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