Transition from deck to lawn + room for DG seating area?

6 days ago
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Hi everyone. We just remodeled our home and deck, and now are looking to update the backyard to match the style and feel of the home. I included pictures of current state, and outlined what we're trying to achieve. The deck extends 14' from the house and then there is another 25' before the fence.

Would love any ideas or advice!!

Desired state: a cozy, modern, inspiring space where kids can play and adults relax!

  • We'd like to replace the concrete landing area with DG, to create a small sitting area at the back of the fence
  • We want to add some plants around the deck and side of house to soften the transition between deck/grass
  • We want to add plants along the fence line to make backyard more lush and organic, and possibly along the side of the detached garage as well
  • We plan to paint the detached garage to match the house in dark grey/blue


  • Do you think we have room for the sitting area at the back of the fence, or will it chop up the space too much? should we just extend grass all the way to the fence?
  • What do you suggest to transition from the deck to the lawn? what kind of plants? Should we put DG/something in front of the deck steps for the transition, instead of landing right on grass?
  • Should we carry the paver stones on the side driveway all the way to the side of the deck, so the steps on the side land right on the pavers?
  • Any suggestions on the types of plants that will go well with our house/deck? Would boxwood look good on the garage or any more modern style to create green along that wall?

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