Condo Patio is a Bathtub

6 days ago

My condo patio fills like a bathtub with heavy rains. The condo sits in the middle of a row of condos that back up to other condos with a common small concrete pathway alley. The patio is slightly sloped so it doesn’t seem like it will reach the back door, but it might. I’ve only owned this condo for a few months now. It looks like the only place the water gets out is under the door to the alley at the right of this picture. The fence acts like a barrier and the patio fills like a bath tub. With the alley overwhelmed with water, the water in my back doesn’t recede quickly enough. The gutter drainage shoots out under the fence door so I’m just worried about what is falling from the sky and possibly coming in from the alley. How can I try to fix this issue since I can’t dig a drain in the alley? Also, the water does recede quickly once the rain stops but I’m worried about issues with flash floods.

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