Update on My Mom

4 days ago

Unfortunately, my mom's condition is continuing to spiral down after that short, wondrous bright spot. She has been moved to isolation on a cardiac care unit because her heart is racing, and she has lost the ability to swallow. She is not responsive really. They called last evening to give us a heads up that someone would be calling to ask if we wanted to change her from 'do everything possible' to DNR/Comfort Care Arrest, and after many hours of discussion between all the siblings, we decided we do want to do that. We watched my mom crawl back from weakness after a three week hospital stay in July 2019. She never did get back anywhere close to her state of health prior to that hospital stay. She is sooo much weaker now than when she left the hospital that time, we just can't imagine she would ever make any kind of a meaningful recovery and be able to live in a way that she would have wanted. We gave them the order change this morning. It doesn't sound like she is in any real discomfort nor aware enough to be frightened, which are my two main concerns. I am praying now for her to feel safe, to feel loved, and to go gently.

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