Soapstone fabricator recommendation for West Palm Beach area

4 days ago

Hello everyone - might anyone know where we can purchase soapstone in South Florida and have a recommendation for a good knowledgable installer please.

We currently have soapstone in our home in the US Virgin Islands and Florida Joshua flew down to install (it was about half the price for us to pay his airfare and hotel and for him to install than to have it installed by a VI company with no knowledge or experience of the product .. but I digress) and we were hoping he would install in our new home but (unfortunately) as you all know he is no longer in business.

We just purchased a home in West Palm Beach and will be undergoing a complete renovation and LOVE soapstone and would like to install again but I have no idea of a quality company and searching online has bought up no leads for recommendations of fabricators and hubby is insisting we install soapstone and I am onboard but only if we can find someone who knows what they are doing... help please.

Thanks so much and have a great, safe, Memorial Day weekend.


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