Foundation issue?

4 days ago
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I am not sure if I am starting to have foundation issues whether its sunken or not or I shouldn't be worried and just swap out the hardwood floors? The first picture below is where you can see separation from the floor to the wa.

The second picture is there just to see if there's any correlation or more insight on whats happening considering the cracks on the wall.

The third picture is the opposite side.

And as for the fourth picture, about 2 years ago there was a huge tree right next to the window from the above pictures. When we investigated the tree, we found that the previous owner had ax'd the roots that were attempting to grow into/towards the house. Not sure if the previous owner could have been liable for it or not, so we just decided to get the tree removed by a professional. They said they didn't want to get rid of the remaining stump/roots you see in this picture because it was too close to the house.

Can anyone help me deduce what the root issue is and what professional I may need to get to fix this or if it's fixable myself? Please let me know if I need to provide anymore information.

Thanks in advance!

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