Blank wall space in great room with 12' ceilings feels stark

3 months ago
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The longest wall of our Great Room has 20' of sliding glass doors. The sliders are 8' tall and the ceilings 12'. The room’s main feature is the pleasant view out the sliders. We don't want drapes or blinds covering the sliders; there is not enough space to pull drapes to the side of the sliders. The wall adjacent to the sliders (in the living room space), also has empty wall above an armoire and shelving units. The expanse of empty wall above the sliders and armoire can feel stark, especially at night when there is no view. We can’t decide what to do above the sliders and armoire, we’re considering four ideas:

1. Leave as is.

2. Add a valence above sliders. We think it would be fussy, not functional and block some view.

3. Hang art. My wife made a series of abstract prints and art quilts, shown in pics. She wants to hang the prints above the armoire, I think they might clutter the space; I want to hang them above the sliders, but she thinks they will detract from view. She can make more art quilts; the pic shows a small sample. Find other art objects to hang.

4. Paint the entire wall another color. the walls are off-white, so color is welcome, but the slider wall is not necessarily where we would have chosen to add color. The sliders backlight the room, so adding color to the wall behind the armoire may darken the room even more, but we’re not opposed to it.

Thank you, looking forward to your thoughts, either about our ideas above or something completely different!!

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