Please help choose between kitchen island vs banquette design!

last month

We have two kitchen layouts that we quite like and need to choose between. Here are a few important points for context: The stairs are the only access to the bedroom so they will be used frequently. We are expecting our first child in a month so we will be living in this home with a young child. The "formal" dining room is on the opposite side of house so not right next to kitchen. We cook a lot at home. The mudroom leads to the most frequently used door from the outside, and the door that is to the right of the kitchen counter leads to the deck and BBQ.

Our main concern with the island is limited circulation and that the whole room is a work zone, but also a traffic zone. However the island would be a good place to sit while someone is wokring in the kitchen. But not sure how young kids do at an island? The banquette provides a cozy dedicated eating nook, but creates a more cramped work space.

Any advice form folks who have worked with either of these layouts, or had to make a similar choice would be welcome. Thank you kindly!

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