Question about my golden chain tree and suckers

5 months ago

I have had this golden chain tree for 10 years and it never did great. The last 4 or 5 years it looses a foot or two in height due to the top dying off. My friend bought one at the same time as me and his died 3 or 4 years ago. My tree lost another 2 feet this year and the bark is now coming "loose" on one side of the tree. I dont think there is any saving it and it does not appear to have any bugs. I was going to replace it but now that it is blooming again I feel like trying to save it still. I always prune the suckers away but this year I was thinking about leaving them and seeing if they will grow nicely. I know it wont grow into a single stem tree but will the suckers grow and bloom? Or would I be wasting my time. I realize you may not have a golden chain tree but wondered what suckers will do if left. Heres a few pics of the tree. Its maybe 3.4 to 4 inch trunk and maybe 10 feet tall. The first

pic you can see the dead top from last year. It also is only growing on one side because it was encroached by another tree for a while but I fixed that years ago and it never took off.

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