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I'm hoping you kind folks here could help me visual some alternative paint colors in our kitchen. We moved in a year ago and the kitchen isn't my taste one bit. I like that is has a window, that everything is functional and should hold up for a while, there is a ton of installed lighting (west-facing, dark space otherwise), and we have plenty of storage. But the style, the overall color, the flesh-toned walls, the sheer quantity of coppery/salmon granite going up the's pretty overbearing and not in keeping with how I am decorating the rest of the house.

I like MCM/contemporary/eclectic style with colors blue, green, charcoal gray and some orange; the kitchen feels overly ornate to me and in colors I don't like. The rooms connected to the kitchen have white walls for now, and I do not yet have a paint color scheme for those spaces.

What would tone it down in the kitchen? Navy blue, olive green? I like the idea of making it dark and moody, considering it's not a light, bright, fresh feeling space at all. The floor tiles are yellowish beige and the walls are pinkish band-aid color. Both tie in with the granite counters/walls but they just don't feel good to me. Nothing other than wall paint is changing until we do a full remodel, which is not in the immediate plans; I was thinking of painting the grout to match the tiles and help minimize the contrast on the floor, paint the walls blue or green, paint the wood blind to match the walls, and maybe remove the wood valance.

But I'm so stuck as to wall color. Not pictured is a short hall off the kitchen that goes to garage door and also pantries; that hall is also band-aid color and the pantries/garage door are refaced to match the cabinets. I feel that the first photo is an accurate representation of the wall color but not the yellowish tone of the floor.

These are photos from the listing; it's hard to see in the photos just how much salmon is in the counters/walls. There really isn't all that much wall space in the kitchen, but I feel like blue or green would help it relate at least marginally better to the rest of the house/decor.

Here's a picture of vintage wallpaper in the half bath--I think this is fun:

And this is my family room idea (have the rug, everything else on order except the recliner, not 100% sure we have the space):

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