Sectional placement

last month

I'm moving into a new house. It's an open concept floor plan. The tv is going to be on the small wall between family room and foyer. We are going to mount it so it can be moved into the corner if we want as well. Its a bit of an awkward layout. Beside the family room is the nook area. I'm planning on getting a sectional but I don't know how to place it. Should i have a left-sided one against the window wall opening towards rest of the main floor? Should i have a right-sided one facing the tv at an angle, separating living/dining space? Should i have a U-shaped one? I cant decide. :( what do you think?? What would be the best way to place it!?? Im open to other suggestions as well!!
I'd appreciate the feedback! (what i drew is not to scale and I apologize in advance as i can't draw dor the life of me!)

Left-Sided Sectional
U-Shaped Sectional
Right-Sided Sectional
No sectional??

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