How many DA pinks can you fit in a 1 inch vase....

I didn't count, but I definitely maxed it out to the best of my ability, haha!

These are all of the pink David Austin roses that I'm growing: Mary Rose, Princess Alexandra of Kent, Gertrude Jekyll, and Strawberry Hill. SH is the peachy-pink (fades to a more true pink), the PAoKs are the largest of the blooms, and MR and GK are hard to tell apart.

They have all been in my garden less than a year so I can't make a lot of comments on performance, but I can say two things: PAoK is excellent for cutting! The stems are so long, and she only bears singles. I have heard her vase life is superb as well so I am looking forward to that. I kind of want to get another Princess Alex already because I enjoy making bouquets so much. The second thing I can say is that GK has a heavenly scent. I haven't had the opportunity to smell many roses (yet) but GK is so strong and amazing that I imagine it's top-notch.

I have always loved having bunches of flowers in the house, but I have never grown anything before. Can you tell I'm proud of this arrangement?? I took a video too....

And if you're not sick of my photos yet... A few more "flat arrangements;" I guess that's what I'm calling them in my head now. I have been just floating the flowers in dinner plates when I'm done. I have a lot of random dinner plates with floating flowers laying around, hahaha. I think I'm going to eventually make a few prints and put them in my bathroom after I've accumulated a bunch and have a good selection to choose from.

This is Strawberry Hill and Teasing Georgia with a few wild forget-me-nots I picked while walking my dogs

And here is my Josephine Clematis getting towards it's final bloom form. It is an incredibly double-flowered clematis, and it opens over the course of weeks. The original outer "normal" clematis petals fall off, leaving only the fluffy pom-pon of all the double center petals. Josephine is surrounded by Zephirine Drouhin.

Last photo--Joseph's Coat after it has been in the sun a while. It turns a gorgeous raspberry red. I paired it with my Rozanne geranium.

Thanks for looking! Cheers, Matt

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