What Would Happen to Bonsai Olive Tree If Planted in a Huge Pot?

If you had an old bonsai olive tree, such as the beautiful specimen shown in the photo here, what would happen to it if it were placed in a huge pot, where the roots could grow out? Would the limb development on the top of the tree be haphazard and ugly, or would it be well-formed out of the top of the tree?

I want an olive tree with a warped trunk as an outdoor specimen in a large beautiful pot. The pot is shown in the additional photos here. I would love to have a normal olive tree grow into the pot, but it takes 30 years for an olive tree to show the warping at the base of the tree that is so desirable.

Are there other types of bonsai trees - maybe cheaper than the $1500+ a 50+-year-old bonsai olive tree might cost - that would also have a warped trunk and would look good in the pot shown here? The pot is a little over three feet across at the top.

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