1960s bathroom dilemma

I live in a 1966 brick ranch house. It has two bathrooms, side-by-side in the hallway. The smallest one is closest to the master bedroom and the one I use. I have talked to contractors and architects about completely redoing everything, but frankly I don’t have the money nor do I wish to completely destroy the 1960s aesthetic.

After giving it some thought, I think what I want to do is leave everything where it is as far as placement of toilet etc. then:

  1. take down all of the wall tile down to the brown border at the floor, leave that, leave the brown border around the shower door and the tile in the shower and on the floor. Then sheet rock everything on the right as you walk in, including that closet door which isn’t being used.

  2. Take out the sink and the toilet, put in a little lower profile toilet and the vanity with a narrow rectangular sink to give more room.

  3. Either put in a banjo vanity countertop that extends over the toilet, and then putting a full mirror from the ceiling down to the counter, or just do a standalone vanity and shelves over the toilet, with a smaller mirror over the sink.

  4. Not sure if I want to take out the “pantry” cabinet, it holds so much stuff, but it looks very dated. I could either replace it with another one, or just take the doors off of it, or just take it out, extend the vanity out and have more storage under the counter.

To keep with this aesthetic, what kind of materials should I use in the vanity, as well as the countertop? Pink and brown is a hard combination…

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