Need help with rose plant food and container size.

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I am a rose beginner here. I live in Los Angeles and I have a few David Austins (gertrude jekyll, eglantyne, the lady gardener, lady of shalott, queen of sweden) and hybrid tea(fiji, because she served, beverly, beloved, koko loco, love at first sight) roses. They are still in their nursery pots (avg 3-4 gallon pots) that they came in. I plan on transferring them to bigger pots. I need help with the following :

  1. What size of pots would be best for them. I bought a few 14 - 16 inch high pots (the description says they are 6.6 gallon pots, here). Is this good or should i go for 10 gallon pots?
  2. Which is the best rose plant food for flowering? I did some research and narrowed down to Scotts super bloom, Miracle grow bloom booster flower food and Miracle-gro rose plant food. I know the first 2 have good P in NPK numbers, which is good for flowering but the rose food one has a lower P compared to the first 2 products (but still has more P in its own numbers). I am open to other recommendations as well.
  3. I live in an apartment and have a patio area. Can I grow climbing roses in a pot to grow on the walls and balcony railings or do they require trellis or something? Will they be too much work for an apartment?

Please help ! :)

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