Black shower set

Molly Brennan
8 days ago

I'm looking for a black shower set. I seem to be getting a lot of "oil rubbed bronze" results when I put "black" in the search bar. I don't want the brownish tint that oil rubbed bronze seems to have. I am trying to match the Elements of Design Vintage Wall Mount Faucet which seems to be pure black. I would like to keep the shower to under $200 and preferably have a hand held element to it. There is no tub, so I don't need a faucet. It is very confusing as many stores seem to be selling the shower head without the handle to turn it on and off. I found a shower set on Amazon: Rain shower that says it is oil rubbed bronze but looks pretty black to me. The arm and shower head itself is a bit much, but I am willing to ignore that to get the handheld shower head along with the black color. Anyone have this shower? Thoughts?

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