White hot wall of vinyl in need of subduing

4 months ago

Since it's the end of June here in Northwest Ohio and our faces are already melting off, I may be too late to do much this season, but I really need some ideas and would love y'alls!

This is my neighbor's new fence, which I believe can be seen from space. Immediately in front of the fence, which I marked in red (photo2), is a drainage swail that runs the entire length. The ground slopes slightly on each side of the swail. Nothing can be planted there that will disturb the ground since it removes rainwater from both properties. So there are two feet of unusable ground that I desperately want to use.

The first two photos were taken today and it's overcast. The third photo was taken yesterday morning full sun. The fourth photo is from my dining room looking out. (Lets not even get into what it looks like in winter with snow cover on a sunny day. I have welding masks in my Amazon cart to avoid damaging visitor's retinas at Christmas Time.)

This fence dutifully faces north and receives zero shade. I water regularly and will do whatever it takes to be able to sit in my dining room without watery eyes. I was thinking vines that can be happy in big planter boxes. I could set the boxes on some sort of small palate as a bridge so water can still run free.

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